The Duo Ascolto was founded by the flutist Susanne Wohlmacher and the guitar player Carsten Linck in summer 1997. The abundant treasure of original works for this pair of instruments is completed by tasteful and intelligent adaptions from all periods of music history. The repertoire includes Renaissance music and numerous Baroque sonatas, serenade and salon music from the classical and early romantic period as well as works from younger composers influenced by Latin-American folk music. Last but not least duo ascolto is specially interested in contemporary music with its development of instrumental tone colours and extended possibilities of musical expression.

The name is programmatic: ascolto means attentive listening to find hidden things among the obviously well known or to detect familiar structures among the strange.

Susanne Wohlmacher grew up at Mainz and started to play flute at the age of 12. She studied at Stuttgart music college with Professor Klaus Schochow and G├╝lsen Tatu. While she was still a student she already performed as a soloist in several concerts. In 1986 she was prize winner at the International Kuhlau competition at Uelzen. Also since 1986 she has been solo flutist of the Essen Philharmonic orchestra.

Apart from her work with the orchestra Susanne Wohlmacher is especially interested in contemporary music. For several years she has been a member of ensemble avance and performed many solo pieces for radio and CD productions.

Until 2010 Susanne Wohlmacher works as a teacher for flute and chamber music at the Folkwang University Essen.