Carsten Linck made his studies with Prof. Hans Gräf at the Folkwang Musikhochschule, Essen and with Prof. Maritta Kersting at the Robert Schumann School, Düsseldorf. At the same time he studied chamber music with Prof. Iwona Salling in Essen, where he passed his exams with distinction. Additional artistic guidance was given to him by Prof. Karl Scheit (Vienna) and Prof. Per-Olof Johnson (Malmö).

Carsten Linck plays a repertoire from the early Renaissance to first performances of contemporary compositions, where he uses different instruments for works of different style epoques. Besides the common 6-string concert guitar used for works after 1900, he plays Renaissance and Baroque music on an 11-string alto guitar made by Georg Bolin. The wide pitch range of this extraordinary and rare instrument makes it suited for a well nuanced, soundful and faithful presentation of lute literature as well as for novel transcriptions of harpsichord and piano music.

Based on a historically informed interpretation, Linck plays a vast number of works of the Viennese Classics and the early Romantics (a golden ages for the guitar), on reconstructions of instruments around 1800.

The focus of his artistic work is chamber music with a special emphasis on song accompaniment. His repertoire consists of a wide range of original compositions from all epoques as well as sensitive and stylistically faithful transcriptions. Together with various vocalists, instrumentalists, and ensembles he has been on extensive concert tours in all major cities of Germany and Europe.

More than once Carsten Linck has been a laureate of Jugend musiziert, Germany’s national award for young musicians, as well as of the first prize at the Internationaler Bubenreuther Musikwettbewerb. For his artistic work he received the culture award of the city of Essen in 1992.

In addition to productions for different major radio and TV stations (including WDR, Deutschland Radio, ZDF, Radio Bremen and RIAS Berlin) he recorded 15 of CDs for Orfeo International, SIGNUM, ARS Produktion, amphion records. and Euterpe Musica, Sweden. These recordings where made in collaboration with artists such as the Folkwang Guitar Duo, 22strings guitar duo (with guitarist Carsten Grøndahl, Copenhagen) Marjana Lipovsek, Sibylla Rubens, Ingeborg Danz, Prof. Scot Weir, Knut Schoch, Thomas Cooley, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, the duo tassai (together with the violinist Carsten Neumann, Salzburg) and the duo ascolto (together with the flutist Susanne Wohlmacher, Essen).

His own compositions as well as arrangements for guitar in various chamber music settings have been published by the publishing houses Trekel, Hamburg and Zimmermann, Frankfurt.

Carsten Linck will take over the managemnet of the culture center "Bürgermeisterhaus" in Essen, Germany. Info: